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The New England Take: Katie Dobbins, singer-songwriter

Singer-songwriter Katie Dobbins talks about going full time as a musician, being a promoter for shows and herself, and the things that drive her...
Professor Buzz Scherr

Buzz Scherr of UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

Buzz Scherr, Professor at UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law, gives his story on discovering a passion for law, breaking out of his shell...
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Martin England of Continuum Arts Collective and Chris Ryan of NH Today

Welcome to the first episode of The New England Take! In this episode we are joined by Martin England of the Continuum Arts Collective...

A. J. Kierstead hosts this hour long, weekly hang out with locals, experts, and interesting people in New England.

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Black and white portrait of A. J. KiersteadA. J. is also the host of The Legal Impact, a podcast produced for the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law, featuring short discussions on legal topics around sports, business, technology, sports, civil rights, and the constitution with over 22,000 downloads. He was the long time executive producer of Granite State of Mind and does the morning news and sports update for WKXL.

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