Great Ideas: Can “Devolution” Fix Our Broken American Politics?

This episode is about something called “devolution” — handing off more responsibilities from the federal government to states and localities.  But…it’s really about something more profound. It’s about the entire state of our country, the nastiness and anger in our politics and public discourse. And about whether we can figure out a smarter way to work together, get more done, and lower the temperature. Brian Riedl, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, argues that the way to get Washington to do better is to have it do less…to shrink down the number of arguments we have between people from different places and political cultures by not having them in the first place. It’s a conservative philosophy, but one that is motivated by a genuine interest in trying to improve our government and our politics. Not sure you like this idea? Take a listen and hear him out…you might at least come away thinking a little differently about what role of the federal government ought to be, and whether we can all have a good faith conversation about it.