The Senate: Are Things Beginning to Work (Maybe)?

The Senate is a mess.  All legislative roads lead there, and usually it’s a dead end. When Presidents take executive action, it’s usually to work around the Senate. It’s the site of national catharsis over judges. And when something actually does get passed, it’s major news.

But now, things might…just might… be changing. Democrats have used special senate “reconciliation” rules to pass the massive American Rescue Plan. More bills like that may be on the way. And there’s a possibility of striking deals with a group of 10 Republican senators to pass actual bipartisan bills on important issues in American society.

Its never been been more valuable to understand the dynamics of the Senate, the people, the rules, and the politics. Ryan McConaghy is one of the country’s absolute top notch experts on the Senate, and he joins the show to break down the prospects for legislation, progress, and making things work in Congress.