NH Now: Patriots-Ravens Preview 11-13-20

In interviews with reporters, Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick and Offensive Coach Josh McDaniel and Quarterback, Cam Newton, discuss their upcoming game on Sunday night with the Baltimore Ravens with Chris Ryan

Bill Belichick opens up about how to prepare for the talented and versatile Ravens offense, “When you play the Ravens, it’s all about team defense. They have a lot of options on every play, so everybody has to take care of their responsibilities.”

Cam Newton discusses his admiration of Ravens Quarterback, Lamar Jackson, “I’m a fan of the game. If I’m watching the Ravens, I’m looking to see what the MVP is going to do. I just respect his game so much.”

The Patriots’ Offensive Coordinator, Josh McDaniel, was asked about what changes he has been able to bring to the offense this season. McDaniel explains that the offense has evolved. That he tries to work on the things that the team does well, by maybe adding a different wrinkle, while working on the things which you need to improve quickly.

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