NH Now: Chris Sununu 10-30-20

Chris Sununu has a lead of over twenty points over Dan Feltes, but the Governor plans on running like he’s behind!

Governor Chris Sununu is running for a third term against Dan Feltes, the Democratic majority leader of the New Hampshire Senate.\

In an interview with WKXL’s Chris Ryan, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu discusses recent poll results which show that he has a comfortable lead over his opponent, evaluates the steps taken during the COVID-19 pandemic which gave him more power than previous governors of New Hampshire, and predicts what will happen next in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.
With the Election just days away, Chris Sununu has a lead of over twenty points over Dan Feltes. Despite the favorable job approval rating and poll results, the Governor plans on running like he is behind.

Governor Sununu speaks candidly about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealing with this deadly disease gave him tremendous power and extremely stressful problems. Chris Sununu looks forward to a return to normal which would include the power of the Governor having the limitations which are laid out in the New Hampshire Constitution.

As winter approaches and we brace ourselves for an increase in COVID cases and the possibility of shutdowns, Chris Sununu is optimistic that we know more about the disease now than we did last March. The Governor points out that an infrastructure is now in place to better deal with the disease with more testing and contact tracing available. Citizens know what they have to do to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. If shutdowns need to be imposed, they would most likely be limited to regions or towns where there is a serious outbreak rather than shutting down the entire state.