NH Now: Pete Buttigieg 10-13-20

Mayor Pete Talks about the Importance of Voter Turnout, “We’re Going to Be Pushing Real Hard in Places like New Hampshire. Where We Are Talking about a Swing State That Has a History of Thinking for Itself. It’s So Important for People to Step Up and Do Their Civic Duty.”

In an interview with WKXL’s Chris Ryan, former presidential candidate and Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg discusses the 2020 Presidential Election. Mayor Pete believes that a Biden victory will come from traditional Democratic Party voters; many first time or people who haven’t voted in a long time; and a combination of independents and Republicans who feel the need for a change. Buttigieg also believes that the Biden campaign needs to guard against overconfidence in polls which indicate that the former Vice President has a healthy lead over President Trump.

Mayor Pete also lists a number of President Trump’s shortcomings in the last four years: the economy; immigration; crime in the cities; and the pandemic.

Buttigieg predicts that a Biden presidency will be both transitional and transformational.
“The first one hundred days of an early Biden presidency might be among the most consequential we’ve had since FDR. . . Vice President Biden has been very transparent about his desire to bring in a lot of perspectives, a lot of generations into this broad coalition in the administration that he is building.”