NH Now: Don Bolduc and Corky Messner 9-8-20

Don Bolduc Says about Corky Messner, His GOP Rival for US Senate, “Today, We Will See What Approach People Want—the Same Old Approach of Power and Money Or the Politics of Character and Integrity.”

In two separate interviews with WKXL’s Chris Ryan, the two Republican candidates for US Senator–Brigadier General Don Bolduc and Bryant “Corky” Messner discuss why they should be their party’s standard bearer. The Republican Party primary is today, September 8th. The winner of the primary election would then face the Democrat incumbent Senator Jeanne Shaheen on November 3, 2020.

Corky Messner believes that his military and, especially, his private sector experiences, have better prepared him for the US Senate. Corky Messner has been endorsed by President Trump, but Messner has tried to position himself as a political outsider who supports the Trump policies which were successful prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Don Bolduc maintains that his business qualifications are equal to his opponent because much of the General’s military experience in Africa involved developing businesses. Furthermore, Bolduc feels that Messner is an establishment candidate who is being influenced by special interest groups. General Bolduc, a native son of New Hampshire, also points out that Corky Messner is from Colorado and moved to the Granite State less than three years ago. Don Bolduc went on to say that he doesn’t think that Corky Messner is a person of character and integrity.

Both candidates gave brief descriptions of their backgrounds and explained their reasons for running for office. General Buldoc was born and raised in New Hampshire. He enlisted in the US Army at age eighteen and rose through the ranks to Brigadier General. After 36 years of service, including 10 tours of duty in Afghanistan, five Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts, Don Bolduc retired in 2017. General Buldoc has degrees in criminal justice, sociology, strategic studies, and business technology. Corky Messner was born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania. He graduated from West Point in 1979 and served as an Army Rangers captain until 1984. Messner moved to New Hampshire after making his fortune by building up a corporate law firm in Colorado. Both men believe passionately in maintaining American values of independence and economic opportunity.