The Press Pass: Ron Roenicke and Nathan Eovaldi 7-24-20

Red Sox Ace, Nathan Eovaldi, on the 2020 Baseball Season, “Our Lineup Is One of the Best in the League. The Pitching Staff Has to Keep Us in the Games.”

For many people, sports provide an outlet and a distraction from day to day living—making ends meet, the Coronavirus pandemic, racial strife, etc. Ron Roenicke, as a player and a coach has been with seven major league teams. He was made the manager of the Red Sox in February 2020 due to accusations of sign stealing surrounding former Red Sox manager, Alex Cora during his time as bench coach for the Houston Astros.

Baseball fans will be sufficiently distracted from today’s headlines by Manager Roenicke’s analysis of how to best approach the new rule for limiting extra inning games. If a game is tied after nine innings, the extra innings will begin with a runner on second base. “To bunt or not to bunt” is just one of the many questions which Ron Roenicke will explore in this interview which will fascinate even a casual baseball strategist. Being the new manager of a major league baseball team is a difficult, stressful job. Throw in the COVID-19 health protocols and the need to be sensitive to calls for social justice and the job of manager becomes exponentially more difficult. Ron Roenicke shares how he goes about making decisions and saying the right thing.

Nathan Eovaldi is a thirty-year-old pitcher who has played for four other major league clubs. He is a talented pitcher who has been unable to live up to his potential, usually due to injury.
Eovaldi is healthy now and was chosen to start the first game of the 2020 season at Fenway against the Baltimore Orioles. In this interview, Nathan Eovaldi discusses how he feels physically and how well his pitching mechanics are functioning. The 2020 season will be played without fans in the ballpark. Pitchers tend to feed off the energy of the crowd. Eovaldi discusses how he will adjust to this very different game atmosphere.