New Hampshire Now: Interviews with the Democratic Party Candidates for Governor—Dan Feltes and Andru Volinsky 6-16 and 6-17-20

Dan Feltes and Andru Volinsky, The Democratic Party Candidates for Governor Discuss the Art of Negotiation and Taxes.

Dan Feltes, the majority leader of the New Hampshire Senate and Andru Volinsky, a member of the Executive Council of New Hampshire, are campaigning to be their party’s choice to run against Governor Chris Sununu. The Democratic Party Primary will be held on Tuesday, September 8 and the General Election will be on Tuesday, November 3.
In two separate interviews with WKXL’s Chris Ryan, the Democratic Party candidates discuss their views on some important aspects of being governor—the ability to negotiate and taxes.
Andru Volinsky believes that his work as a trial lawyer and as a minority member on the New Hampshire Executive Council show that he can negotiate and work well with people with opposing views. He cites several examples of times that he convinced Republican members of the Council to join him and Chris Pappas on some issues.
Dan Feltes believes that bringing people together is not part of Andy Volinsky’s personality. Senator Feltes feels that his work as legal aid lawyer and his work in the legislature show that his goal is to lift people up and to help others.
Andru Volinsky feels that the most important issue in the campaign is how schools are funded in the Granite State. He opposes the actions by the legislature and Governor Sununu of shifting state responsibilities for education to local communities. He claims that the result has been huge increases in local property taxes. Andru Volinsky favors changes to the state property tax by excluding part of the homes value for people of poor od moderate income. Councilor Volinsky anticipates that, due to the increased use of Zoom and other media during the business shutdown, there will be a downturn in commercial real estate. As a result, there will be a definite decrease in tax revenues which are based on property taxes. He believes that the future of taxes in New Hampshire will inevitably be based on a sales tax or income tax. Andru Volinsky would reluctantly sign a bill to legalize marijuana sales in New Hampshire as a possible way to increase tax revenues.
Senate Majority Leader Dan Feltes is against having an income tax in New Hampshire. He feels that more revenues can be found by closing loopholes in businesses taxes.

The interview with Senate Majority Leader Feltes includes a discussion of pending legislation to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as: an increase and extend unemployment benefits; an extension of foreclosure protection; increased funding and resources for nursing homes. There is also a criminal justice and police reform bill being discussed. The interview also includes a discussion of the use of choke holds by police and a discussion of the funding of police departments. Senator Feltes does not favor defunding police departments. He favors reforms of police training to include de-escalation tactics.

Senator Feltes is critical of Governor Sununu’s record. The Senator points to New Hampshire’s high healthcare costs and high unemployment. He feels that Governor Sununu mishandled the state’s opioid epidemic and the COVID-19 crisis in nursing homes.
The interview with Andru Volinsky also includes a discussion of removing historical monuments which are now considered offensive.